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Bethel University Library

Zero Cost Course Resources Initiative Guide (Open Educational Resources (OER) / BU Library eResources)

Guide to Open Educational Resources and Open Access sites and textbooks, and eResources available via the Bethel University Library

Evaluating Open Educational Resources

Not all Open Educational Resources are created equal!  You will need to evaluate them to determine if they are of high quality and meet the outcomes and criteria of your courses. 

Following are some questions you can ask yourself to assist you in the evaluation process:

Quality and Relevance of Content

  • Is the material accurate?
  • Is the material current and relevant?
  • Is the content considered core within the discipline?
  • Does the material have sufficient breadth or depth?
  • Does the material align with learning outcomes, course objectives, competency levels, etc.?
  • Does the material clarify complex concepts?
  • Are sound pedagogical methods used?
  • Is the material at the appropriate reading/domain level for your students?
  • Are the formats (writing, audio, visuals) used of high quality?
  • Are the resources and material referenced in the content appropriately cited?
  • Is the reputation of the author/institution transparent?
  • Was the material reviewed by peers?


  • Is the licensing declaration clear?  (Creative Commons License present, in the Public Domain, etc.)
  • Does the material have the license to customize, refine, remix, or share again?

Accessibility and Ease of Use

  • Does the material meet accessibility standards?
    Note: A resource cannot be used unless it meets the standards or has been modified to do so
  • Are the labels, buttons, menus, text, and general layout of the interface consistent and visually distinct?
  • Are the materials easy to use?
  • Does the material present information in ways that are familiar or understandable?
  • Is the material presented in an attractive manner?



Additional Resources: