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Bethel University Library

History Research Guide

Quick access to the resources and tools you will need to conduct effective history research

Find Article Full-Text

Many online indexes/databases provide the full text of articles in addition to the article's citation.

Just click on the PDF or HTML icon to display the article.  Then you can choose to print and/or save the article.

Full Text Article links

Full Text Article

If the article is not full text in the online index/database in which you are searching, you can check to see if it full text in another database to which the Bethel Libraries subscribe by clicking on the Search Bethel Libraries for Full Text link.

Example -- Search Bethel Libraries for Full Text

  • If the article is indeed full text in another database, the linking program should bring you directly to the article in that other database

If the journal in which the article is located is only available in one of the Bethel Libraries in print, microfiche, or microfilm, you will need to:

  • Locate the appropriate print issue, microfiche sheet, or microfilm roll
  • Make a copy of the article

Full Text Linker Non-Database Options

Let's say you saw the following citation in the reference list or bibliography of an article or book:

Neem, J. N. (2011). Taking modernity's wager: Tocqueville, social capital, and American Civil War. Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 41, 591-618.

To begin tracking down the full text of this article:

  • Access the Bethel Libraries web page
  • Locate the Find Something Specific section
  • Click on Journals
  • Locate the Lookup journal title section
    • Enter a search for the journal title in the search box
    • Click on Search

Journal Titles -- Lookup journal title

Review the holdings list that appears, comparing the date of your citation with the formats available for that date.
Choose a format containing that date.

  • If you choose an online index/database:
    • Click on the link to the database
    • Click on the date of the article
      (Some databases will not provide a date list, and will require that you place a search for the article within the database)
    • Click on the issue of the article
    • Scan the results list for the article
    • Click on the Full Text link of the article

Journal title search

Journal Title Search

Journal Title Search

  • If you choose the print or microform format, you will need to:
    • Locate the appropriate print issues, microfiche sheet, or microfilm roll in the Bethel Libraries
    • Make a copy of the article

If you have located the citation of an article in an online index/database or in a bibliography/reference list, but have discovered that the Bethel Libraries do not subscribe to the journal in which the article is found, you will need to request a copy of this article from another library that does subscribe to it.

To do so you will need to use ILLiad, the Bethel Libraries' interlibrary loan program.

After you have clicked on the Search Bethel Libraries for Full Text link following a citation in an online index/database:

From a Full Text Linker page:

  • Click on the Request Item button
  • You will be brought to the ILLiad logon screen
    • NOTE: The first time you use ILLiad you will be asked to register.  This process will not only allow you to place interlibrary loan requests, but it will also provide opportunities for you to track your requests and help speed the delivery of your requested items.              
  • The citation information should already be inserted into the interlibrary loan form
  • Make any desired changes to the information and/or add any Notes you wish to include
  • Click on Submit Request
  • You will be notified via email when the article is available for online retrieval

Full Text Linker page

ILLiad form image

From the Bethel Libraries Web Page:  

  • Click on the Library Accounts link
  • Click on Log in to ILLiad
    • NOTE:  The first time you log in to ILLiad you will need to set up your account
  • Locate the Make a New Request category in the left column
  • Click on a request type (e.g., Article, Book Chapter, etc.)
  • Fill out the blank request form
  • Click on Submit Request
  • You will be notified via email when the article is available for online retrieval