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History Research Guide

Quick access to the resources and tools you will need to conduct effective history research

Where can I search for journal articles?

Below is a selected list of online indexes/databases in which you can begin searching for journal articles:

Where can I search for newspaper articles?

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Types of Periodicals

  • How do I know what type of periodical an article is from?
  • How can I verify that an article is a scholarly article?

Check out this presentation for a quick overview:

Identifying Types of Periodicals

View this illustration to see the various parts of a scholarly article:

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches many disciplines and sources, from scholarly articles to theses, books, abstracts, and peer-reviewed papers.

If the Bethel University Library subscribes to the journal in which an article is found, the Full-Text @ My Library link will link you back to the Libraries' databases.
Set up your user preferences in Google Scholar to enable this feature.

Google Scholar Instructional Guide

Google Scholar Search

Wondering what an online index/database is?

View this What's a Library Database? video (borrowed from an Australian university) for a friendly description

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