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Bethel University Library

Persistent Links: Making Sure Your Link Works Off-Campus

How do I know if my persistent link will work off-campus?

How do I know if a persistent link will work from outside the BU campus network?

In order for a link to an article to work from outside our campus network, it must contain special coding that will allow BU users to access the article using their Bethel Community Account. Follow these steps to determine if your persistent link will work off campus: 

Does the URL or link that you found have the word "ezproxy" somewhere in it?
If yes, the link is ready to be saved or shared.


If no, add Bethel's proxy prefix to the beginning of the URL, with no spaces:

The finished URL will look like this:

OR, paste the link into the Link Generator below to add the proxy info before you save or share it.

Link Generator

Persistent Links must be modified to enable off-campus access by Bethel users. This resource automatically adds the necessary prefix to the Persistent Link you provide.

Paste your link here:
Remember to include the full URL, including the https://

Here is your link with the proxy prefix that you can copy: