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Bethel University Library

ERIC (EBSCOhost): Print/Email/Save/Export

A guide to effectively using ERIC to search for education related articles, including strategies, finding full text, emailing or printing articles, exporting to RefWorks, and more.

How can I print, email, or save articles?

Individual articles:

  • Choose an article from the results list and click on its HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text icon,  as shown belowHTML and PDF icons for an individual article
  • On the HTML page, click on the appropriate icon

HTML page

  • On the PDF page, click on the appropriate icon

PDF Page

  • Select the options you'd like and print, email, or save the article


Multiple items in a favorites list (folder):

  • To display your favorites list, click on the Folder Icon icon in the upper right corner of the page

    OR click on Folder View in the Folder has items box

Folder has items column

  • When your favorites display, select items by clicking the box before each item or by clicking the Select/deselect all box
  • Click on the appropriate icon (print, email, or save)
    Folder List Screen
  • Select the options you'd like (enter your email address if you're using the email option) and click the Print, Send, or Save button

    NOTE:  If the article is full text in ERIC, you can email yourself the entire article

How do I export citations to RefWorks?

From your favorites list:

  • Select records by clicking on Add To Folder
  • Click on Folder
    or Folder View
  • Click on box in front of Select/deselect all
  • Click on the Export  icon
  • Choose Direct Export to RefWorks
  • Click on Save
  • At the RefWorks login window, enter your RefWorks login and password and click Login
  • Click on View Last Imported Folder to view the items sent to RefWorks