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ERIC (EBSCOhost): Limiting Features

A guide to effectively using ERIC to search for education related articles, including strategies, finding full text, emailing or printing articles, exporting to RefWorks, and more.

Limiting Features

How ERIC reads your search terms

The database allows you to decide how its search tool "parses" your search terms. These choices include:

Boolean Phrase
Search using AND, OR, NOT / exact phrase searching. Learn more from EBSCO's Advanced Search help page

Find all my search terms
Puts "and" between all of your search terms and looks for results that contain all of your terms

Find any of my search terms
Puts "or" between all of your search and retrieves results that contain any of your search terms

SmartText Seaching
Allows you enter/paste large chunks of text to search

Apply Related Words
Searches for alternate word endings and search term synonyms

Also search within the full text of the articles
Looks at full text of articles (instead of title and abstract) to find your search terms)

Options for filtering your results before searching

Commonly used limiting features from the "Limit Your Results" options include:

Full Text
Limits to results that have the entire text available for viewing or download

Scholarly (Peer Reviewed Journals)
Limits your search to those publications that use a Peer Review process or are considered scholarly

PDF Full Text
Limits your search results to only documents that are available for download as PDF files (no HTML Full Text)

References Available
Limits your search results to documents that include a bibliography

Published Date
Only displays results within the date range that you specify

Publication Type
Limits your results to the publication type (newspapers, periodicals, etc.) that you select

Further options for limiting results

Other limiting features from the "Limit Your Results" options include

Limits your results to only those published in a specified journal or newspaper

Document Type
Limits your results to the document type (Abstract, Article, etc.) that you specify

Image Quick View
View the figures, charts, or images from an article

Number of Pages
Limits your results to include documents that have greater than, fewer than, or equal to the number of pages you specify

Cover Story
Limits your results to only cover stories

Image Quick View Types
View specific image formats

How can I narrow a search after it's been placed?

Applying filters after you've done a search

When your search results display, you can further narrow your search by clicking boxes in the left column to add more search criteria. This is sometimes called refiningyour results.

Refine Your Results

Full Text
View articles online from this database

References Available
Finds articles that contain a reference list or bibliography

Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals
Finds articles which have been approved by a panel of experts before publication

Publication Date
Narrow the range of dates included by clicking and dragging the date sliders, which are circled below

Source Types
This allows you to limit to certain types of publications. A popular choice is limit to Academic Journals

The "Subject" and "Subject Thesauraus Terms" filters both work by limiting your source results to specific topics, as determined by "official" subjects assigned by the database

Applying filters after you've searched

To locate the search filters on your search results page, look in the left column of the page, or consult the screen shot shown below. 

(Click image to view full size)



Locating the Limiting Features

To locate the limiting features on the advanced search page of Academic search premier, look below the search box. This part of the screen is highlighted in the image below. 

(Click Image to View Full Size)