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ERIC (EBSCOhost): RefWorks

A guide to effectively using ERIC to search for education related articles, including strategies, finding full text, emailing or printing articles, exporting to RefWorks, and more.

How do I export citations to RefWorks?

From your favorites list:

  • Select records by clicking on Add To Folder
  • Click on Folder
    or Folder View
  • Click on box in front of Select/deselect all
  • Click on the Export  icon
  • Choose Direct Export to RefWorks
  • Click on Save
  • At the RefWorks login window, enter your RefWorks login and password and click Login
  • Click on View Last Imported Folder to view the items sent to RefWorks

RefWorks & ERIC Document Formatting

RefWorks and Formatting ERIC Documents
RefWorks has problems with its formatting of ERIC documents. But there is help. These tips come courtesy of Ohio University Libraries:

ERIC Documents Using And Others for multiple authors

This is really a problem with the ERIC database and not with RefWorks. ERIC abbreviates a long author list to Deering, Paul D.; And Others. Proper APA citation requires that the first six authors be listed and then et al. added to the list if there are more than six. The original document should be consulted so that the RefWorks record can be edited with the additional last names.

For example, you would enter all authors on the Author field as follows:

Cugy,D.; Penide,D.; Paty,J.; Balan,J.; Vinclair,J.; Cugy,S.; Lenain,J.-L.; Giordanella,J.-P.

RefWorks then has enough information to create a correct author entry which is

Cugy, D., Penide, D., Paty, J., Balan, J., Vinclair, J., & Cugy, S. et al.

If more than 6 authors are listed in RefWorks, you will need to edit to

ERIC Documents in the Reference List

After exporting ERIC documents into RefWorks, click on the Edit button for each record.

  1. Change the drop-down box for Ref Type to Report.
  2. Add a period and two spaces after the title.
  3. In the Identifying field box, enter ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. EDXXXXXX. (You can find this number in the Accession Number field.) For ERIC documents which are papers presented at conferences, several additional modifications need to be made.
  4. Add a comma, a space and a month after the year. Example: 1995, November
  5. Copy the name and place of the conference out of the notes field and paste it after the title. On the final version of your document, you will have to recapitalize proper names.

Example of Correct APA Format for ERIC Documents


Educational effectiveness of Sesame Street. (Report No. ETS-RR-91-55). Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED385553)


Electronic Source: 

Scott, B. D. (1999). Standing up for community and school.  (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED440788). Retrieved from Education Resources Information Center: