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Bethel University Library

Physician Assistant

A guide to the Physician Assistant resources available at Bethel University Library

Databases and Journals

In the boxes below are links to two types of resources: databases and journals. So what's the difference? 


A database is a search tool that looks for resources (usually journal articles) from a large number of sources. It will pull in results from several different journals and rank them based on how relevant they are to your search terms. Some databases are broad and multidisciplinary, while others are more specialized and only focus on one subject area. The descriptions below will tell you what type of database you're using.


While databases cast a wide net across many publications, the links on the right will take you directly to a search of an individual journal. Sometimes, this can be a useful way to search if you know that a journal covers the exact area you're focusing on. Use the descriptions of the journals to determine if these links are right for you.

Featured Databases for Research

Databases for health and medicine

Read the descriptions to find out what sorts of articles, reviews, or reports are listed in each database.

Journal Search

Wondering if Bethel has access to a specific journal or newspaper? 

Check here by typing the name of the journal: 

Featured Journals for Research

Individual Medical Journals

This box will highlight some individual publications (journals) that are particularly well known in the medical field or useful to Phyisician Assistant education and development.