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Bethel University Library

CAPS Associate of Arts and General Studies Research Guide

Basic research help for Associate of Arts and CAPS General Studies students.

Smart Searching

To save time and effort when searching the library's online databases, try these searching tips:

  • Brainstorm a variety of keywords to use when searching (diary, autobiography, memoirs)
  • Use quotes to search for a phrase ("Chinese immigrants")
  • Connect keywords with and (immigration and United States)
  • Use or to search synonyms (United States or U.S.)
  • Use * to get different word endings (immigra* will find immigrant, immigrants, immigration)
  • Use the peer reviewed, scholarly, or refereed search limiters in databases.




LibSearch: search books, articles, DVDs, and more


  • Find articles, books, DVDs and more

  • Newspaper articles, book reviews and dissertations are not included in this custom search


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Google Scholar

Google Scholar can help you find articles and books.  

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