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Bethel University Library

Christian Ministries (CAPS): Find Articles

Highly Recommended Databases

Getting the full text of articles

Option 1 - Full text available within a database

  • When the full text of an article is available, you'll see a PDF or HMTL link: pdf and html icons
  • Click on the link to be taken to the full text

Option 2 - Check other databses for full text

  • When you don't see a full text link below a citation you find in a database, look instead for a link that says"Search for Bethel Libraries Full Text" or an icon like this:     360 Link
  • Click on the 360 Link to Full Text icon
  • If full text is available you’ll be taken directly to the resource, journal, or article in another database

Option 3 - Ordering an article we don't have full text for

  • If full-text is NOT available in any of our databases, clicking the "360 Link to Full Text" icon will take you to a page with a button that looks like this:    
  1. Click the button to initiate an interlibrary loan request for the item*
  2. You'll see a request form with the article's information already filled out
  3. Double check that the citation information is correct, and click "Submit Request"
  4. You’ll be notified by email when the article is available, usually 3-5 work days - most articles are delivered electronically

*NOTE:  If you've never made an interlibrary loan request for an item before, you'll first need to set up your ILLiad account

I have a citation--How do I find the article?

The most efficient way is to use one of the following:

The Journal Title Search tells you if we subscribe to a journal, and which databases have it.

The Citation Linker asks you to enter citation information and tries to link you to a full text copy of an article, if one is available.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches many disciplines and sources, from peer-reviewed papers to theses, books, abstracts, and articles. Full-text @ My Library will link to the article when available from the Bethel University Library.

Google Scholar Search