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Music Resources

A guide to music resources at Bethel including scores, CDs, and online sources.

Searching for Recordings (CD and LP)

Start in LibSearch- Advanced Search

  • Type the name of the composer, performer, or ensemble in the search box 
  • Change Material Type dropdown to "Audio"
  • Tweak your results further by using the filters on the left
    • Location= format of recording (CD, LP)

Finding Recordings in the Library

Where to Find CDs and LPs in the Library

CDs and LPs are on the 4th floor of the BU Library in HC405.

How to Read CD and LP call numbers

CD call numbers all begin with the letters CD.  LP call numbers all begin with the letters LPWhat follows CD or LP determines where the recording will be found.

"Genre" call numbers: an abbreviated genre in their call number, such as "Anth" "Band" or "Pop."

CD Pop N885 is the call number for The Norton jazz recordings.

CD Anth T97d is the call number for Dances of the Ragtime era. ("Anth" for Anthology)

 "Composer" call numbersone-letter composer abbreviations or whole-names of composers.

CD D988 8.2  sy is the call number for a recording of Dvorak's eighth symphony. (D for Dvorak)

CD S365 1 cp is the call number for Piano concertos: Arnold Schoenberg.  (S for Schoenberg)