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What can I do with an education degree?


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Welcome to the BUL Education guide. This is a work in progress so prepare to be surprised with new content and format as this develops. If you are working with graduate students or those who play with Mr. Potato Head, we hope you find something of value

Education Research Guide Tour

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Search Tips

You've got your research question; now it's time for effective searching. Try these tips:

  • Brainstorm a variety of keywords (achievement, performance, ability, aptitude)
  • Connect keywords with and (poverty and education and achievement)
  • Use quotes to search for a phrase ("social inequality")
  • Use or to search synonyms (poverty or low-income and education)
  • Search by keywords, not sentences (poverty and "secondary education" and achievement instead of effect of poverty on high school students)
  • Use * to get different endings of a root word (school* finds school, schools, schooling)
  • Look for subject terms or descriptors; use these terms to find more articles on your topic

Subject Guide

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