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World Religions: Find Articles

A guide to selected resources on world religions in the Bethel University Library

Scholarly Articles

All the databases listed here may be found at the library website, or the BLink library tab in the Philsophy, Bible & Theology, or Broad Coverage categories of the Find Database by Subject dropdown menu.

Search Tips

You've got your research question; now it's time for effective searching. Try these tips:

  • Brainstorm a variety of keywords derived from your question (happiness, self knowledge, relationship)
  • Connect keywords with and (happiness and self knowledge and relationship)
  • Use quotes to search for a phrase ("categorical imperative")
  • Use or to search synonyms (happiness or well being or satisfaction)
  • Search by keywords, not sentences (liberty and society and individual instead of what are the limits of individual liberty in a well ordered society?)
  • Use * to get different endings of a root word (ethic* finds ethic, ethics, ethical, etc.)
  • Look for subject terms or descriptors; use these terms to find more articles on your topic

Getting Full Text

We have LOTS of full text in our databases at Bethel. Look for direct links to the full text in your results list and click on them to display the articles.

When you don't see such a link, look instead for a link that says "Check for Full Text":

Click on it to see whether we have full text available in one or more of our many full text databases or journal subscriptions.

If you have a citation in hand and want to find out if we have access to that journal, use our Journal Title search.

Tips for Google Scholar

For more information on Google Scholar and how to use it in research, see our tutorial guide linked below.