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US Dakota War of 1862: Bethel Connections

August 17, 2012 was the 150th Anniversary of the beginning of this conflict in Minnesota. This guide includes resources and conversations about the war itself and the implications for Minnesotans today.

Engaged Bethel People

Bethel Alumnus Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize involving her work with the Dakota Indians

Bethel news article from May 4, 2011 about Stephanie Hope Smith ’98 who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts on behalf of the Dakota Indians.


Commemorating Minnesota's Tragic Past & Hope for Healing

Stephanie Hope Smith's Blog Post on the US-Dakota War including resources, exhibits, and events.


Bethel Alumnus Leads Tours of Local American Indian Sacred Sites from the Dakota Perspective

[From the SPIN website] Seminary graduate Jim Bear Jacobs leads tours to Pilot Knob Hill, a traditional Dakota burial ground, and Fort Snelling State Park, the site where 1700 Dakota women, children and elders were held in brutal conditions during the  winter of 1862-1863, before their deportation. (Send an email to The Rev Jim Bear Jacobs at


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