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Evidence Based Practice Guide: Intro

This is the place to go to search EBP resources available at Bethel.

Terminology: The Clinical Question

Clinical research questions are often framed using the abbreviation PICO. The elements of a PICO question are:

What is the Patient population being studied?.

What is the Intervention being studied or recommended?

What Comparison Interventions exist?

What is the desired patient outcome?


Thinking about your clinical research question in terms of its PICO components can be a helpful way to begin the literature review process.


Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses

Developed by the University of Minnesota Libraries

When clicking through the tutorial, be sure to complete Step 1 through Step 5 by clicking on each individual module following the introduction, as shown below.

Image of tutorial
(above: screen shot of tutorial)

EBP and Me

Evidence Based Practice and levels of information

What is Evidence Based Practice?  What does it have to do with you?  How can you use Bethel Library resources for EBP?

EPB is basically a method for making clinical decisions or answering clinical questions using the best available evidence in coordination with the expertise of the clinician and the preferences and values of the patient.* 

An important part of EBP is forming a good clinical question and finding and evaluating the evidence relating to the question. See the pyramid below for a quick overview of the ranking of information in EBP.

You can use this guide to help you know what library resources to use for your EBP questions.  Go to the Search EBP Databases tab for more.

Questions to help with critically appraising the evidence

The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) provides checklists that may be useful for evaluating different types of evidence. The Systematic Review and Randomised Controlled Trials checklists are linked below:


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