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Bethel Libraries

Google Scholar: Connect GS to Bethel Resources

How to connect to our resources using Google.

Link to the Bethel University Library Resources

Go to your settings to see if you are connected to the Bethel resources. Click on the three lines to open up a side box with more links

Google Scholar settings link

Scroll down to the Settings gear

Google Scholar setting link

Go to Library Links to see if you are connected to the Bethel resources.

At this point, if you want to export your citations to RefWorks, see the Bibliography manager box at the bottom of this page and change to RefWorks. Save your changes before you leave this screen.

Google Scholar Setting Library Links

 The Library links page will show you if you are connected with Bethel University. If not, just search for Bethel,

check Bethel University - Get It@Bethel Libraries. Save your changes!

Google Scholar setting Bethel linking