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Bethel University Library

Environmental Ethics: Locating

Selected resources for research in the area of Environmental Ethics

What's Next?

Once you've searched for items, the next step is to discover if they are available on the shelves in Bethel's library or are full-text in the library's online databases.

Try the instructions on this page to locate books and articles in the Bethel University Library.

Locating journal/newspaper articles in Bethel's online databases

  1. When an article is available in the database that you're searching, you'll see links like these:  HTML and PDF Links
  2. When an article isn't available in the database you're searching, click
    360 linker icon
    • If the article is available in another database you will be taken directly to it.
    • Otherwise you will see a screen like this:
      ILL request screenshot
      Clicking on the Request item button allows you to request it from another library.

Locating books in the Bethel University Library

First, always sign in when using CLICsearch to get complete results, request items, and manage your library account. 

How do I find a book using CLICsearch?

  1. From the CLICsearch results screen, in the left side bar select Books as the Resource Type.

        2.  Locate your item and click on the title. In the next screen you can see several important pieces of information.

  • Under Requesting Options you can see that it the item is located at the Bethel University Library.
  • There is also information on the loan policy and the status/availability of the item.
  • If this item is available at other CLIC libraries, this information wil be displayed further below.

Requesting books from other CLIC libraries

First, always sign in when using CLICsearch to get complete results, request items, and manage your library account. 

How can I tell if Bethel doesn't have a book and how can I request it if that's the case?

In your results page, look for Check holdings to identify items that are only available at other CLIC libraries.

Click on the item to see which library has this item and to place a request. In this example, we can see that St. Catherine University has a copy of this book. Click on Request from a CLIC library to have this item sent to Bethel. Requested items normally arrive in about two days, and emails are sent when items are available to pick up at the BUL circulation desk.