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Bethel University Library

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Library services and resources for online students

Online Textbooks

Following is a list of textbooks that are available online as library ebooks. The list is sorted by course number.

Note:  Not all textbooks are available as library ebooks. If your course is not listed here, the textbooks are not available as ebooks.

BT510 - Lo

BT510 - Strauss

CF510 - Kjesbo

CP510 - O'Brien/Williams

GC512 - Pastrano

GS780 - Brown

GS801 - Brown

HS510 - Russell

MF612 - Sanders

MF621 - Plaza Ruiz

MF622 - Plaza Ruiz


MF643 - Wiens

ML523 - McCloskey

ML631 - Irving

ML780 - McCloskey

ML924 - Carthen

NT508 - Dunne

NT516 - Henderson

NT516 - Strauss

NT518 - Brown

OT516 - Lo

OT518 - Caudill

PC632 - Sinclair

PC723 - Jueckstock

SP510 - Paschall

SP656 - Wiens

SP756 - Wiens

TS512 - Clark

TS512 - Hippe

TS516 - Scorgie

TS751 - Hippe