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Doctor of Ministry

Databases and Resources for Doctor of Ministry Students

Online Textbooks

Click on the appropriate term to see a list of textbooks that are available online as library ebooks. The lists are sorted by course number.

Note:  Not all textbooks are available as ebooks. If your course is not listed here, the textbooks are not available as ebooks.

BT510 - Strauss

BT751 - Dunne

GC512 - Pastrano

HS502 - Russell

MF651 - Crabtree

ML527 - Rowell

ML615 - Irving

ML810 - Bryant

ML923 - Irving

NT516 - Henderson

NT652 - Nixon

OT652 - Huisken

PC820 - Rotach

PH733 - Clark

SP510 - Paschall


TS512 - Hippe

TS513 - Hippe

TS516 - Lawrence

TS733 - Clark

TS860 - Clark