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Academic Search Premier: Publications List

Does Academic Search Premier have the journal/magazine I need?

The publications list:

  • Allows you to browse the list of periodicals that are indexed in Academic Search Premier
  • Provides a list of the years for which only an abstract is available and the years for which full text is available
  • Provides a description of the periodical (e.g. Whether or not it is peer-reviewed, its intended audience, the subjects that it covers, etc.)
  • Allows you to browse the "table of contents" (and sometimes the full text) of the issues of a specific periodical title

NOTE: This feature is NOT good for efficient/effective comprehensive subject searching

To browse the publications list for a particular journal/magazine:

  • Click on Publications Link at the top of the page.
  • Enter the publication's name in the Browsing: Academic Search Premier--Publications box and click Browse
    Searching for a magazine/journal title
  • From the list of publications, click the appropriate title

Publications List

    • The range of years indexed/full text, subjects covered, peer reviewed status, and more will display.

To view articles from a particular issue of the magazine/journal, click on the link for the appropriate year and issue