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CAPS Associate of Arts and General Studies Research Guide: Evaluating

Basic research help for Associate of Arts and CAPS General Studies students.

Picking the Best Resources

Evaluation checklist

Now that you have (hopefully) found many resources on your topic, it is time to pick the best ones for your research paper/project.

This page will help you to focus in on the types of sources (academic, scholarly, peer-reviewed, refereed) that instructors commonly require for research papers and projects.

Know Your Research Terms

Scholarly Resources:

Each fact or opinion is documented (author provides a list of references with the title, author, and page number of the resource used). The author usually has an affiliation with an academic institution or research organization.


Peer-reviewed Resources:

Selected and approved by a panel of experts, who have verified that the author's methods and claims are well supported.

Evaluating Websites

What makes a good website?

Try this Website Evaluation Guide to discover ways to evaluate web sources.

HINT--Remember that About Us links on a site provide valuable information about the person or organization responsible for the website and its content.


This free online encyclopedia allows users to view, edit, or create entire articles.

You should check with your instructor before using Wikipedia information as a source.

Seven Things You Should Know about Wikipedia