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Bethel University Library

Zero Cost Course Resources Initiative Guide (Open Educational Resources (OER) / BU Library eResources)

Guide to Open Educational Resources and Open Access sites and textbooks, and eResources available via the Bethel University Library

Open Pedagogy Defined

"That set of teaching and learning practices only possible in the context of free access and 4R (reuse, revise, remix, redistribute) permissions characteristic of open educational sources."

--David Wiley

"Teachers who use an open pedagogy use or create resources that can be freely modified and shared with others including their students.  Such resources, would have 'open content licenses' such as Creative Commons or a GNU General Public license. ... Teachers using an open pedagogy would also use open Web 2.0 technologies for facilitating learning, and encourage students to share their work openly.  They would also tend to use open textbooks, such as those in the Open Textbook Library, [which] would be preferred over copyrighted textbooks."


Examples of Open Pedagogy Sites

Articles/Books/Resources on Open Pedagogy