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Introduction to Sociology: Finding Articles

What's on this page?

This page has links to research databases available through the library. These research databases are search engines that find articles based on the keywords you type in. You'll get results that include articles you can immediately download as well as articles you can request (learn more about requesting here). 

Search Tricks


  • Brainstorm a variety of keywords (poverty, low-income, income level, social class)
  • Search by keywords, not sentences (poverty and "secondary education" and achievement instead of effect of poverty on high school students)

And, Or

  • Connect keywords with and (poverty and education and achievement)
  • Use or to search synonyms (poverty or low-income and education)

Asterisk  *

  • Use * to search a root word that could have multiple endings (school* searches for school, schools, schooling)


  • Use quotes to search for a phrase ("social inequality")

Subject Librarian

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Lyndi Finifrock Fabbrini
Office: HC320

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches many disciplines and sources, from peer-reviewed papers to theses, books, abstracts, and articles. Full-text @ My Library will link to the article when available from the Bethel University Library.

Google Scholar Search