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Gerontology: Search for Articles

Search Tips

Try these tips when searching in library databases:

  • Identify key words or phrases
    (long-term care, healthcare reform, public policy, etc.)
  • Think of synonyms or similar words
    (elderly, aged, older adults, etc.)
  • Search by keywords, not sentences
    ("long-term care" AND elderly 
    instead of
    long-term care for the elderly)
  • Look for subject terms or descriptors; use these terms to find more articles on your topic
  • Connect keywords with AND
    ("long-term care" AND elderly)
  • Use OR to search synonyms
    ("healthcare reform" AND
    (elder* OR old*))
  • Use * to get different endings of a root word
    (elder* searches for: 
    elder, elders, elderly)

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches many disciplines and sources, from peer-reviewed papers to theses, books, abstracts, and articles. Full-text @ My Library will link to the article when available from the Bethel University Library.

Research Databases

Following are selected online indexes/databases in which you can
start your search:

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