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Streaming Video: Films On Demand

Streaming video resources for research and classroom use.

Films on Demand (FMG)

Connect to Films on Demand

A comprehensive collection of high-quality educational videos licensed from a long established educational media distributor.  More than 7500 videos cover a wide range of topics organized into multiple broad subjects. These subjects are then further divided into narrower subject.  Individual segments subdivide each video into discrete shorter units.

The interface allows searching by title, by keywords in segments, browsing titles alphabetically, and browsing or searching within the subject areas.  Most of the titles in this collection also have records in Bethel's CLICnet Catalog.

The embedded playback function on the site automatically adjusts the stream to bandwidth available to the user.  The Video player supports iOS for Apple mobile devices.

About half of the titles in the collection have closed-captioning.  Toggle on/off closed captioning in the upper right corner of the video player window.  Use the Advanced Search function to limit search results to titles with closed-captioning.

All titles in this collection have a distinct Playlist URL for linking in syllabi, course management shells (Blackboard), syllabi, or other web pages. 

For instructions on how to link to videos from this collection within Moodle, see the box below.

Using third-party software to capture these video streams for playback outside of the Films on Demand interface is illegal and violates the ASU Libraries license for these videos.

Linking & Embedding Films On Demand Videos

All video titles and individual segments of videos in Films On Demand have a persistent link. 

To link to videos in Films On Demand:

  • Identify a title by searching the Bethel Libraries Online catalog or from a search within the Films on Demand portal
    • Open the video
    • Copy and paste the Title URL displayed under the summary directly beneath the video playback window
    • For off campus use, URLs must include the “ezproxy” information. For help with proxying links, see this guide.


To link to video segments in Films On Demand:

After opening a video in Films on Demand:

  • Click on a "Segment" displayed to the right of the video window.
  • Copy and paste the Segment URL displayed under the summary directly beneath the video playback window
  • For off campus use, URLs must include the “ezproxy” information.


You can also build a personal Playlist for both titles and segments:

  • Connect to Films On Demand portal
  • Select "Sign In or Create Account" to login or create a personal account
  • Search Films On Demand site for titles
  • Connect to the Title
  • Use the "+ Add to Playlist" (located under the video playback window) to create a new playlist and to select individual segments for that playlist
  • Use the Playlists button at the top of the screen to review your playlist.