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Communication and Mass Media Complete: Favorites List

This is a guide to using the Communication and Mass Media Complete database from EBSCOhost. Find tips for effective searching, saving, emailing, printing, and sending to RefWorks, among other things.

What is a favorites list?

File Folder Picture The folder that provides a temporary place to store selected citations.

Citations stored in this folder are only saved until the browser window is closed.

What can I do with a favorites list?

  • Print a list of citations
  • Save a list of citations to your computer
  • Email a list of citations (including any full-text articles)
  • Export a list of citations to RefWorks

Go to the Print/Save/Email/Export tab for more information!

How do I view a favorites list?

Click on the Folder icon in the upper right corner of the page
Folder Icon

Click on the Folder View link in the Folder Has Items column
           Viewing favorites

How do I create a favorites list?

From a search results list:

Click on Add to Folder at the end of a citation

From an individual article record:

Click on the folder icon in the upper right corner