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Communication and Mass Media Complete: Subject Terms

This is a guide to using the Communication and Mass Media Complete database from EBSCOhost. Find tips for effective searching, saving, emailing, printing, and sending to RefWorks, among other things.

What are subject terms?

  • The "official" database vocabulary
  • Words and phrases that have been chosen to describe article topics
  • Words and phrases that will provide a more focused, accurate search

How can I locate subject terms for my search?

Subject terms are available in the following areas:

  • On the results list page, locate the Subject: Thesaurus Term or Subject boxes in the left column. Click on boxes in front of subject terms, then click Update to add them to your search.
    Subjects under narrow results by
    • In the individual article record, click on a subject term to run a new search for articles with the term

Subjects in individual record

  • In the Subject Term Index
    • To view the subject term index, click on  at the top of the page
    • Enter a search term in the Browsing: Academic Search Premier--Subject Terms box and click on Browse
    • Click on one of the subject terms listed to display broader, narrower, or related terms
    • To find articles with a certain subject term, click the box in front of the term and click Add
    • Go to the top search box, which should now contain the subject term(s) and click Search