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Communication and Mass Media Complete: Search Strategy

This is a guide to using the Communication and Mass Media Complete database from EBSCOhost. Find tips for effective searching, saving, emailing, printing, and sending to RefWorks, among other things.

Where should I start?

Start Line

The Advanced Search page is a great place to start because:

  • It can do more than one type of search at a time
  • It has several limiting features which help make searches more effective

What are the best search strategies to use?

Using the following techniques will greatly facilitate your searching using Communication & Mass Media Complete.

  • Start with a simple search on the core aspect of your topic.  If this search successfully finds hundreds or thousands of articles, add additional search words or use limiters to narrow down.  Continue to do this until you have a set of articles on your topic that you can browse through.  Remember you can always adjust the fine points of your search once you've established your successful core search.

    Example of a simple, core search: social networking
  •  Broaden the search by using OR
     (Separate search words with OR and enclose in parentheses if all terms are on one line.)

    Example: social networking OR computer mediated communication
  •  Narrow the search using AND to combine terms

    Example:  social networking and political campaign

    (This search will find articles that contain both terms) 
  • Can I use quotation marks to search multiple words as a phrase? Quotation marks aren't needed; this database automatically searches multiple terms as a phrase.