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CINAHL Plus with Fulltext: Subject Terms

Easy step-by-step guide to effectively using CINAHL to search for nursing or health related articles, including strategies, finding fulltext, emailing or printing articles, exporting for bibliography and more.

What are subject terms?

  • The "official" database vocabulary
  • Words and phrases that have been chosen to describe article topics
  • Words and phrases that will provide a more focused, accurate search

Subject Term Search

Part 1: Find Subjects for your Search Word

Cinahl screenshot showing how to find subjects


Part 2: Choose the Subject Word You Want to Use and Search

Screenshot showing how to choose a CINAHL subject


Part 3: Using that Search as a Base, Add Words or Refine as Needed

Screenshot of adding terms to search

How can I locate subject terms for my search?

Subject terms are available in the following areas:

  • From the results list page, click subject terms under Subject to add to your search

    Screenshot showing how to select subject terms
  • In the individual article record, click on a subject term to run a new search for articles with the term

Screenshot showing subjects for a particular article