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CINAHL Plus with Fulltext: Limiting Features

Easy step-by-step guide to effectively using CINAHL to search for nursing or health related articles, including strategies, finding fulltext, emailing or printing articles, exporting for bibliography and more.

Search Options / Limit Your Results

For more efficient and effective searches, try using the Options and Limit Your Results features.


Boolean/Phrase (supports Boolean or exact phrase searching)

Find all my search terms (puts "and" between all of your search terms)

Find any of my search terms (puts "or" between all of your search terms)

SmartText Searching (allows you enter/paste large chunks of text to search)

Apply related words

Also search within the full text of the articles

Screenshot of Cinahl showing search options

LIMIT YOUR RESULTS                                                                                           Go to this page in Cinahl

The three main ways to limit your results are:

Features of item Types of Item Subject or Topic of Item
  • Full-text
  • Research article
  • Peer Reviewed
  • Evidence Based
  • Author is a nurse
  • Practice Guidelines
  • Questionnaires
  • Research Instrument
  • Systematic Review
  • Clinical Trial
  • Etc.
  • In/out patient
  • Age group
  • Emergency Care
  • Nursing Administration
  • Other Special Interests

Screenshot of Cinahl showing search limiters

How can I narrow a search after it's been placed?

After you have placed a search, click items under "Narrow Results by" or "Limit your results" to further narrow your search.

Screenshot of CINAHL limiters

Limit Your Results

  • A few Limit Your Results options appear again on this screen. Try clicking and dragging the sliders under "Limit Your Results" to narrow the range of dates included.
  • Note: you can click on Show More in the "Refine your results" list to change the limiters you have set.

Narrow Results By

  • Source Types
    • Try using "Academic Journals" to look for research/scholarly sources
  • Age
    • There are a variety of age groups to choose from.
  • Subject
    • Try clicking "Show More" to see a larger list of subjects.  You can select multiple subjects to use.  Remember, these subjects listed here are pulled from the articles in your search.  Clicking them will narrow down your existing search. You can also use them to do a new search, or exapand your search by adding them to your search using the word "OR."
  • Gender
  • Author

NOTE:  As limiters are added, they can be found in the "breadbox," the first box in the left column.  Click on the arrow to expand this box.  Any limiter can be removed by clicking on its "X."
Cinahl screenshot

Screenshot of Cinahl