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Country Information: Articles & Journals

Finding Full Text

Full-text in a database

When the full text of an article is available, you'll see a link to the PDF or HMTL.

Other ways to get the full-text

  • Click Search for Bethel Libraries Full Text to search for full text throughout all Bethel resources.
  • If full text is available, it will open in a new window
If the full text doesn't open in this window, click "here for more options" at the top of the window. This will give you more information.If article does not appear, click here for more options

If full-text isn't available

If you see the message Sorry, this item is not available in Bethel's resources, look at the instructions in the Requesting Articles box.

Scholarly Articles

Finding More Articles

When searching for scholarly journal articles, first try the library's Research Databases. If you would like to expand your search, or use a familiar interface, you might try Google Scholar:

Google Scholar Search