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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (EBSCO): Search History/Alerts

Learn how to effectively use Cochrane to find systematic reviews of evidence in nursing and medicine useful for Evidence Based Practice.

What is the search history?

  • The temporary record of previous searches placed that allows you to view, revise, or combine previous searches
  • To access, click on Search History

How do I combine previous searches?

  • Click the Clear buttonbutton to remove prior search terms from the search boxes
  • Click to select boxes in front of the searches that you wish to combine
  • Click Search with AND or Search with OR depending on the type of search you'd like to run

What is a search alert?

An alert is a way for you to save a search and get email notification of any new records that have been found in the database that match your search criteria as new records are added. It's a great way to stay current without having to redo previous work!

To Save a Search Alert:

  • Sign In or Create an Account

  • Perform a search on a topic of your choice.
  • Click on Alert / Save / Share
  • Click on Email Alert or RSS Feed

  • Enter an email address, choose settings, or copy the RSS feed URL into a feedreader such as GoogleReader.
  • Click on Save Alert to create your alert.


How do I view or revise previous searches?

  • Click on View Results (to the right of each search) to display search results
  • Click on Revise Search (to the right of each search) to display a search so that it can be edited

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