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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (EBSCO): Subject Terms

Learn how to effectively use Cochrane to find systematic reviews of evidence in nursing and medicine useful for Evidence Based Practice.

What are subject terms?

  • The "official" database vocabulary
  • Words and phrases that have been chosen to describe article topics
  • Words and phrases that will provide a more focused, accurate search

How can I locate subject terms for my search?

Subject terms are available in the following areas:

  • From the results list page, click subject terms under Subject to add to your search


  • In the individual article record, click on a subject term to run a new search for articles with the term

  • In the Subject Term Index:

    • Click on Indexes at the top of the page
    • Subject Terms Icon
    • Select an index, such as MeSH Headings (subject terms).

    1. Enter a search term in the Browse For: box and click on Browse
    2. To search for articles with a certain subject term, click the box in front of the term
    3. Click Add

    • Go to the top search box, which should now contain the subject term(s) and click Search.