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Persistent Links: Finding Articles Online

Journal Finder

Found in the database in which you are searching

Many online indexes/databases provide the full text of articles along with the article's citation.  It is usually available in PDF and/or HTML format.

Just click on the PDF Full Text, HTML Full Text, or Linked Full Text  icon to display the article.  Then you can choose to print and/or save the article.

Links to Full Text

Full Text Article

Found in a database OTHER THAN the one in which you are searching

If the article is not full text in the online index/database in which you are searching, you can check to see if it is full text in another database to which the Bethel Libraries subscribe by clicking on the Check for Full Text  or  Find It link.

Check for Full Text Example

If the article is indeed full text in another database, the linking program should bring you to CLICsearch where you can click on a the title of a database in which the article is found.

Full Text Available At Example