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Scopus: Scopus Account

Can I save searches?

Yes!  This database provides the opportunity to set up a personal account, which allows you to save

  • favorites lists
  • searches
  • search alerts

Log into your personal account immediately to save time and effort.

Saving Searches

  • Log into your personal account using the instructions on this page
  • Click the Search button located on the page's top left corner
    Clicking Scopus Search Button
  • Locate the Search History Search Historyand click on the Save link next to the search you'd like to save

    (Click on My Settings at the top of the page, then Saved Searches to view all saved searches)

How do I set up and access my personal account?

To set up an account:

  • Click the Register link on the page's upper-right corner
  • Fill out the registration form and click Register

To access your account:

  • Click the Login link on the page's upper-right corner
  • Fill in your User Name and Password
  • Click Login

Personal Account Options

After logging in with your user name and password, click on the My Scopus link on the right side.

Here you can manage saved searches, set up alerts for your research interests, and manage your Scopus account.