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Scopus: Publications List

Does Scopus have the journal/magazine I need?

The publications list will allow you to browse the list of periodicals that are indexed in Scopus. It will also:

  • Provide a description of the periodical (subjects covered and the dates indexed in Scopus)
  • Indicate whether an item is a trade publication, conference proceeding, journal, or book series

To browse the publications list for a particular journal/magazine:

  • Click on Sources at the top of the page
  • Enter the publication's name in the Search box and click Find sources. Note: you can search by Subject Area, Title, Publisher, or ISSN.
  • On the results list you can see information that compares titles by Cite Score, Highest Percentile, number of citations in a specific year, number of documents in a range of years, percentage cited, SNIP, SJR, and publisher.

  • From the list of publications, click the appropriate title and then you will find the date range, journal metrics, and more:
  • The second half of the screen displays the cite score, rank, tracker, and more by clicking on the headings.  Want to know what those acronyms stand for? Once you click on a title you can find more information about the metrics via the circled i for information and how significant they could be.

    To view articles from a particular issue of the magazine/journal, click on Scopus Content Coverage the link for the appropriate year. 
  • How to find the full text? click on the Find It link to take you to CLICsearch for our coverage: