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Scopus: Publications List

Does Scopus have the journal/magazine I need?

The publications list will allow you to browse the list of periodicals that are indexed in Scopus. It will also:

  • Provide a description of the periodical (subjects covered and the dates indexed in Scopus)
  • Indicate whether an item is a trade publication, conference proceeding, journal, or book series


To browse the publications list for a particular journal/magazine:


  • Click on the Sources button at the top of the page
  • Enter the publication's name in the Search box and click Go
  • From the list of publications, click the appropriate title
  • The range of years indexed, subjects covered, and more will display.

    To view articles from a particular issue of the magazine/journal, click on the link for the appropriate year. 

Is this source a journal?

If an item is a journal, it will have a J before its title in the publications list. For example, Journal for Global Business Advancement is a journal.

A different letter will precede the titles of other publications:

  • T=trade publications
  • C=conference proceedings
  • B=book series