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Scopus: Full Text Articles

Are articles full text in Scopus?

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Scopus is an abstract/citation database with links to many full-text articles.

(While the articles aren't available directly in Scopus, there are usually  links to the full text.)

How to I track down an article that is not full text in Scopus?

Click on the Find It button to search for the article in another database. (Remember, Bethel  has over 100 online databases!)

If the article is available in full-text, it will take you to the database where the citation appears and you can click on the pdf or HTML button.

If the following screen displays after Find It is clicked, the article is not available in any of Bethel's online databases. If you would like to request a copy from another library:

  1. Click on Sign In link (red arrow)

After you sign in with your Bethel user name and password, you have the choice to request this article through Illiad, our interlibrary loan service, or you can try using Google Scholar where it might be freely available.


Through interlibrary loan you will receive an email when the article is available for online retrieval or pickup from your PO box. Make sure you download and save the article because your Interlibrary loan account will only save articles for one month.