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Bethel University Library

Scopus: Print/Email/Save/Export

How can I print, email, create a bibliography, or export citations?

To Print, Email, or Create Bibliography:

Choose an article from the results list and click on the title. When the next screen displays, click the three dots (red arrow):

You can view their references or create a bibliography. Next to this section of helps are icons for printing, email, and save the list as a pdf .

To export articles:

Choose Export:

You can choose to send to Mendeley or RefWorks (Bethel supports RefWorks):

You can choose to send citation information only, citation and abstract, citation/abstract/references, all information, or specific fields. Make you choices and then choose the Export button on the bottom of the drop-down box.

How do I export citations to RefWorks?

From your favorites list:

  • Click boxes before items to selectCheck Box
  • Click to select Export
  • Make sure that RefWorks is selected:
  • Click the Export button 
  • At the RefWorks login window, enter your RefWorks login and password and click Login
  • Click on View Last Imported Folder to view the items sent to RefWorks