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Scopus: Search History

What is the search history?

  • A temporary record of previous searches placed that allows you to view, revise, or combine previous searches
  • To access, click on the Search button as demonstrated below or click the Search History link
    Clicking Scopus Search Button
  • Your search history will appear at the bottom of the page

Scopus Results List

How do I combine previous searches?

  • Locate the Combine box and enter the numbers of the searches you'd like to combine. Example: Below, searches #1 and #4 are being combined
  • Click Go
  • Search results will display on a new screen

Combining Searches in Scopus

How do I view previous searches?

Viewing Previous Search Results

Locate the Results column and click on the number of search results for the desired search.

Example: Clicking on the number 25 as shown above  would again display the 25 results for this search.