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Scopus: Search Strategy

Where should I start?

There are several different types of searches available in Scopus:

Document search is a great way to search for items containing your desired keywords.

Author Search finds all items written by a particular author.

Affiliation Search identifies all works associated with an organization/university.

What are the best search strategies to use?

Using the following "smart searching" techniques will greatly facilitate your searching:

  • Narrow the search by using quotation marks. (This will search for the words adjacent to one another.)
    Example:  "sister chromatid exchange"
  • Narrow the search by using AND
    Example:  xenopus AND development
  • Broaden the search by using OR

Example: black cohash OR actaea racemosa

  •  Broaden the search by using an asterisk to search for different word endings
    Example:  cell* development. (This search will find words including cell, cells, cellular)