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Bethel Libraries

CAPS Associate of Arts and General Studies Research Guide: Locating

Basic research help for Associate of Arts and CAPS General Studies students.

What's Next?

Once you've searched for items, the next step is to discover if they are available on the shelves in Bethel's libraries or are full-text in the libraries' online databases.

Library Locations

BSEM = Bethel Seminary Library (Housed in a separate building from the BUL.)

BUL = Bethel University Library, which has several "locations" within the library. Two popular locations are described below:

BUL Reference = Located on the library's main near the printers. Some items may not be checked out.

BUL Main Collection = Located on the upper level of the library. Nearly all items may be checked out.

Is the book/CD/DVD I want at a Bethel Library?

  • Locate the item you want in the Summon search results list. If it is available in a Bethel library, it will list BUL or BSEM beneath the book information, shown here:

Book at Bethel 

  • On any book, you can also click the "Check Availability" link to see if Bethel has it, or if another copy might be available from a local university in our CLIC consortium.

Is the journal/newspaper article I need available in Bethel's online databases?

When an article is available in the database that you're searching, you'll usually see links similar to these:HTML and PDF Links.

Simply click on the HTML or PDF link to view the article.


Instead of the Full Text icons shown above, you may sometimes see a link that says "Search Bethel Libraries for Full Text" with an icon that looks like this: 
360 Linker Full Text

After clicking this link, of the following screens maydisplay.

  • You may be taken directly to the article in another database


  • A list of ways to access the article may be displayed (pictured below), clicking the "Article" link will take you to it:

Article Linker successful

  • If the article's full-text is NOT available, you will see the screen below. Clicking on the "Request Item through ILLiad" button will allow you to request the article from another library

    ILLiad request link