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Nursing Research: Systematic Reviews - Cochrane

Guide and quick links to nursing and health related resources


Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews:

  • A specialized resource for systematic reviews of evidence.
    • Systematic reviews are methodical review and synthesis of the data from individual primary studies.
    • Note: there are ONLY systematic reviews in this database.
  • Considered the "gold standard" for Evidence Based Practice.
  • Contains full text for more than 4.000 reviews, as well as "protocol" which outline reviews in progress.


There are a few ways to access the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews:

  • Use this link 
  • Via the Library's website ​
    • Go to
    • Scroll down to the section of the page that says Research Databases 
    • Select the C box from the by name section
    • Scroll down and choose Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews


  • Go to the full options.
  • Look through the limiters, below the search box in the full options view.
  • Once you search, look on the left for ways to narrow down, especially by using the subject words.


There are a few ways to get help: