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RefWorks (Citation Manager)

What is RefWorks Citation Manager?


A tool that works with Microsoft Word 2016 (and future versions) to create in-text citations and a reference list while you are writing your paper

RefWorks Citation Manager video tutorial

How do I install RefWorks Citation Manager?

  • Open a blank Microsoft Word 2016 document
  • Click on the Insert tab
  • Click on Store
  • In the Office Add-ins window, search for RefWorks
  • Click on RefWorks Citation Manager
  • Click on Add

RefWorks Citation Manager for Macs 1    

Office Add-ins

Office Add-ins - RefWorks

  • When the New Office Add-in box appears, click on Trust this add-in


Before you can use RefWorks Citation Manager, you will need to create at least one Project in your RefWorks account. 
All of the references you will be using for that Project will need to be exported to or created in that Project.

To create a Project:

  • Click on the Projects drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the RefWorks page
  • Click on Manage projects
  • Click on Create a new Project
  • Enter the name of the Project and click on Save
  • You may create folders inside of a Project.
    Instructions are available under the Organize References/Citations link in this guide.

How do I use RefWorks Citation Manager?

  • Open a Microsoft Word 2016 document
  • Format the document according to the citation style you will be using
    (e.g., Times New Roman font, font size of 12, double spaced, one-inch margins)
  • Click on the Insert tab
  • Click on My Add-ins
  • Click on RefWorks Citation Manager

My Add-ins - RefWorks Citation Manager

  • Log in to your RefWorks account
  • Select the Project from which you will be pulling your references

RefWorks Citation Manager - Select Project

  • To select the citation style you would like to use, click on the menu icon toward the top left of the column
  • Click on Change citation style
  • Select the style from the drop-down menu and click on Update
  • The references in your selected Project in your RefWorks account will be displayed in a column to the right of your Word document
  • The default list is All references (for the Project you selected)
  • If you would like to display just the references that were placed in one of the folders you had created within the Project, or were Last Imported or Not in folder, click on one of those options in the drop-down menu

RefWorks Citation Manager - Select References

  • References in the list can be sorted by:
    • Date added
    • Date accessed
    • Date published
    • Title
    • Author
    • Ref ID
  • In your Word document, click at the point in the document where you want to insert an in-text citation
  • If you are creating a parenthetical in-text citation for one reference:
    • Mouse over the citation/reference you would like to cite in text and click on Quick Cite

RefWorks Citation Manager - Quick Cite

  • If you are creating a parenthetical in-text citation that contains more than one reference:
    • Check the box in front of each citation that you would like to include
    • Click on the blue Insert [no.] Citations link at the top of the list

RefWorks Citation Manager - Select Multiple References

  • If you are creating a basic in-text citation where you are including the author as part of your sentence:
    • Mouse over the citation/reference you would like to cite in text
    • Click on Preview & Edit
    • Uncheck Include author
    • Click on Insert citation
  • If you would like to add page numbers to your in-text citation:
    • Mouse over the citation/reference you would like to cite in text
    • Click on Preview & Edit
    • Locate the Add prefix/suffix section
    • Add   , p. [page number]    to the suffix box
    • Click on Insert citation

RefWorks Citation Manager - Add Page Number

  • NOTE:

    • You may need to clean up the punctuation, spacing, and font theme after inserting an in-text citation
    • RefWorks Citation Manager automatically adds the reference to your reference list when an in-text citation has been created
    • Because RefWorks is not perfect, some editing of the references may still be needed. 
      However, because RefWorks Citation Manager refreshes the reference list each time you add a new citation, do NOT edit your reference list until you have finished adding in-text citations to your document.