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Leadership Research Guide (CAPS & GS Leadership Programs/Courses)

Research Tips for LEAD641: Organizational Diagnostics and Health


  • Locate two scholarly articles on designing ethical organizations

  • Create a 5-minute PowerPoint narrated presentation or an edited video that addresses the changes you would make to Iggy's Bread of the World to ensure the company behaves ethically...  Find two scholarly articles on designing an ethical organization to inform your answer, and cite them in your presentation.

Locating Articles

  • Select appropriate online index/database in which to search
    • Click on the Journal Articles link in this guide to see a list of possibilities
    • Review the list of databases, scan their descriptions, and select the database that indexes the type of publications that would include articles on this topic (e.g., EBSCO MegaFILE, PsycINFO)
  • Brainstorm possible search terms
  • Place effective searches within in the online indexes/databases
    • Example of an initial search:
      • (organization* OR business* OR compan*)
        (ethic* OR moral* OR virtue* OR principle* OR integrity)
        (design* OR creat* OR develop* OR build*)
  • Narrow your search by appropriate limiters
    • Examples:
      • Publication Date  (e.g., 2012-  )
      • Publication Type  (e.g., Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journal or Academic Journal)
  • Locate the databases's official Subjects to use in follow-up searches
    • Examples:
      • Business ethics
      • Virtue ethics
      • Professional ethics
      • Codes of ethics
      • Organizational change
      • Organizational behavior
      • Decision making--moral & ethical aspects
      • Leadership--moral & ethical aspects
      • Work environment
      • Corporate culture
      • Corporate culture--Moral & ethical aspects
      • Quality of work life
      • Moral development
  • Examples of follow-up searches:
    • (organization* OR business* OR compan*)
      ("business ethics" OR "professional ethics" OR "codes of ethics")
      (design* OR creat* OR develop* OR build* OR embed*)
    • ("leadership moral & ethical aspects" OR "virtue ethics")
      ("work environment" OR "corporate culture")

                Limit search by:  Scholarly (Peer-reviewed Journals) and by Publication Date

  • Need assistance with citing your sources?  Check out the resources under the Citation & Writing Help link in this guide.
  • For additional assistance with search strategy, view the Conducting Effective Searches instructional guide
  • If the article you want to read is not full-text in the online index/database in which you are searching,
    check out the Locating Full Text Articles instructional guide for assistance
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