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Bethel Libraries

Gender Studies: Websites

A research guide for students interested in Gender Studies at Bethel University. Contains relevant databases, books, journals, and general resources to aid in the research process.

Librarian Picks

This site is massive--it includes tons of librarian-approved websites on Women & Gender Studies. Includes resources on sexuality, LGBTQ, women, & some race issues. It is really well-organized by subject--some sections of interest: 

  • Theology < Christianity
  • History < American History
  • Education < Gender Issues in Education

From a Christian Perspective

CBE International

Christians for Biblical Equality. Many free resources on gender/racial/economic equality from a biblical perspective.  Also: Publishes Priscilla Papers and Mutuality, which are two journals Bethel subscribes to. 


From Christianity Today. Provides news from the perspective of evangelical women. 

Gay Christian Network

Advertises as a safe space for LGBT Christians. Promotes open discussion--offers resources/answers to questions on what it means to be LGBT & Christian. 


A community out of Wheaton College who "affirm the full humanity and dignity of LGBTQ individuals." Note the "Resources" tab. 

Women's Studies: Professional Organizations